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About Us


Tito with coolers full of breakfast tacos.

Tito with coolers full of breakfast tacos.


Follow Your Taco Dreams



It all began in July of 2016 when we decided to share our love of tacos with the world. A cooler filled with hot bricks wrapped in foil, kept the first batch of breakfast tacos warm as I stood on the side of the road at 7 a.m. anxiously awaiting our first customer. That morning didn’t bring much luck but we didn’t let it stop us. With the support of family I was back out there the next morning and to my surprise we sold out! That’s when Tito’s was born. Fast forward 3 years and with the overwhelming support of our community we have turned this taco dream into a taco reality. To feed the need for our one of a kind tacos & burritos we now operate out of a fully equipped taco trailer in Brattleboro VT and Greenfield MA, along with a commercial kitchen with no plans of stopping there. Our ultimate goal is to expand into brick and mortar locations to better serve our community and encourage all who come in contact with Tito’s to follow their dreams too.


“Whatever your dreams may be, if only you believe, I promise you will pursue them until you achieve.”

                                 -The Wise Juan


From Everyone At Tito’s, Thank You For Supporting Our Taco Dreams





If you've tried our tacos or burritos and want to help us in our journey we ask for your support in juan simple way:

Taco 'bout your experience with friends.




Tito's Taquiera was founded upon three principles:

1. We would save for our taco truck using delicious family recipes paired with good 'ol fashioned hard work. 

2. The business would not consume what is most important to us: Our family. 

3. We will always serve food with a smile.